Fraud Training

Check fraud, counterfeiting, scams, and not placing appropriate holds are among the fastest growing problems affecting our financial system. These produce estimated annual losses of ten billion dollars… and losses continue to rise at an alarming rate. While financial institutions have policies and procedures, checks and balances, there are still losses. However, there is a solution! There is a single thing that can immediately reduce fraud losses – financial institution staff!

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It’s not that they haven’t been trained; it’s that they handle dozens of items. And fraud is not as easy as it used to be to spot. With today’s easy availability of electronics, alterations, forgeries, and scams of all kinds have risen to a new level. But now there is a simple proven fraud training solution that is "guaranteed" to reduce your losses. TRC Interactive’s "First Line of Defense…Fraud Detection and Loss Prevention Challenge," an online interactive experiential exercise helps keep your staff sharp, focused and alert to the latest scams.

Key Points to Understand

  • Each update will include 10-12 challenges that are designed to be taken in less than 30 minutes
  • The challenges that are presented are in the form of checks, credit cards, withdrawal slips... any way that financial institutions can be defrauded!
  • With First Line of Defense, we seek to identify the most contemporary forms of fraud that will be encountered.

Still have questions? Browse our collection of Frequently Asked Questions here.

First Line of Defense…Fraud Detection and Loss Prevention Challenge™ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is it getting more difficult to spot fraudulent items?
    • With readily available photo software and reproduction equipment, nearly anyone can recreate any document.
  • How does the Challenge work?
    • Each individual Challenge is a simulation that replicates the transaction experience. It’s up to the learner to decide if the transaction being presented to them is legitimate or fraudulent.
  • How does staff become more “alert”?
    • Your staff will become more conscious of potential fraudulent items through the practice they will receive through First Line of Defense ~ Fraud Detection and Loss Prevention Challenge™.
  • Why don’t people side by side see the same Challenge?
    • While your staff will ultimately be presented with the same Challenges, the Challenges are randomized so that no one person experiences them in the same order.
  • Are there transactions that should be processed?
    • Yes! It’s important from a learning standpoint to offer perfectly legitimate transactions while they are being tested on fraudulent ones. If your staff were expecting something to be wrong with every transaction that is presented, it would be unrealistic and, ultimately, not as effective a teaching tool.
  • In addition to feedback, can we give them extra training?
    • Through our Just In feature, you will be able to customize your messages to your staff with additional messages about branch security or even additional content.
  • Will the transaction items be from our area?
    • They will. The cities, states, zip codes and even phone area codes will be localized to your area.
  • How much time does the Challenge take?
    • The First Line of Defense™ Challenges are designed to be presented as transactions and processed within one minute. However, it should be noted, that there is no time limit to the Challenges. With 12-20 Challenges per update, we expect that it will take each learner approximately 15 minutes to complete the series.
  • Where does TRC Interactive get the fraudulent and legitimate items?
    • We get them from thousands of our customers – financial institutions just like you!
  • What does it mean that it only takes “one hour a year”?
    • For your subscription price, you will receive unlimited access to the Challenge updates which are provided quarterly. The Challenges were designed to take approximately 15 minutes per session. As a result of taking the First Line of Defense™ Challenges, your staff will be well on their way to saving your financial institution money from fraud loss…and all within one hour’s time commitment for the year!
  • Why does your staff enjoy the Challenge as well as learn from it?
    • The Challenges are interactive, competitive and professionally stimulating. Its visual nature replicates actual circumstances

  • What computer specifications are necessary for your fraud training courses?
    • 15 inch Color Monitor
    • 1024 x 768 screen resolution
    • Flash Stage Size is approximately 800x600
    • 16 Bit Color display or better
    • Standard Graphic Card
    • Pentium 3 processor with 256 MBs or more of free available system RAM
    • Internet Explorer 8 or 9
    • JavaScript enabled
    • Java VM enabled
    • High Speed Internet Connection
    • Adobe Flash 9, 10, or 11 player (Flash Player when used with Internet Explorer 9 will not be supported due to known technical error in that release)
    • Additional fonts used will be part of the graphic so that no additional fonts need to be distributed.
    • SWF files will be limited to less than 200K
    • Financial Institution is responsible for internal testing to make sure that the file sizes are suitable for their delivery method
    • TRC cannot guarantee performance if financial institution uses Thin Client (also known as emulator)
  • How do I, as the Administrator, keep track of our employees’ training?
    • At no additional cost and included in your subscription, you will have access to Training Central™, TRC Interactive’s Learning Management System (LMS), which will assist you with scheduling and tracking your staff’s scores. In addition, it enables you to pull reports surrounding your staff’s performance.
  • How will branch staff access the Challenges?
    • You may either have your staff access the Challenges through Training Central™, TRC Interactive’s LMS, or have them access them through your own LMS, if you prefer.  The Challenges are designed so that they may be taken in the teller line or on the platform. This will minimize the time your staff needs to be away from their primary responsibilities.
  • Can it be customized?
    • Yes! Through our Just In feature, you will be able to customize your messages to your staff with additional messages about branch security or even additional content.
  • Am I able to be invoiced more frequently than annually to minimize the payments?
    • TRC Interactive understands budget constraints and your approval level. If it makes it easier to be invoiced more than the standard annual subscription amount, arrangements can be made.
  • How do I get started?